Testimonals for Diane Sanders

“Diane is one of the best recruiters I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She goes out of her way to ensure that both client and recruit are not only a great match with each other, but also works consistently to ensure a productive ongoing relationship. I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.”

- Ed Hutchison, Business Systems Analyst


“Diane is an amazing recruiter. She was responsible for placing me in one of my most pivotal positions. She always handled the client relationships in a professional manner and made the job of the consultants easy to execute. I highly endorse Diane, and hope that we stay in touch as both our careers progress.”

- Jim Bressoud, Project Server Administrator


 “Diane's professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to quality are inspiring and working with her has always been a pleasure. As a customer, she has always challenged us to do better but has also been reasonable about expectations and appreciative when we deliver. She is a great business partner.”

- Dave Byers, Account Manager/Partner, Coolersoft


“Diane is an outstanding recruiter who goes above and beyond for her clients. She is knowledgeable of the employment environment and provides timely and accurate opportunity information. I highly recommend her services.”

- Mark Chism, Project Manager


“I've known Diane for nearly 6 years, and in that time, I've worked with her as both a hiring manager and candidate. I have found Diane to be second to none in IT recruitment and professionalism with an unselfish approach to candidate placement. She truly focuses on the candidate's happiness and placement qualification more than any other recruiter I've seen in the Nashville area. For these reasons, I would not hesitate to recommend Diane and the services she provides.”

- David Jarmoluk, Enterprise Architect


“Diane is an excellent IT Consulting recruiter. She is honest, follows through on all communication, and is well connected in the market. Diane treats everyone professionally and with respect. I enjoyed my past working relationship with Diane and would not hesitate to work with her again.”

- Larry Hatcher, Project Manager


“Diane and I have been speaking over the last several months as she uses TalentHook our software. Diane is a very "outside the box" thinker and isn't afraid to go outside the normal boundaries to achieve success. She is driven, focused and a pleasure to work with. I can honestly say that Diane is not only a client but a true friend. I have total confidence that Diane would be a wonderful addition to any company.”

- Matt Cimino,  Sr. Account Manager, TalentHook

“Having worked with Diane in her capacity as a recruiter for a company I was then hired to work for, I found her to be personable and professional. Subsequently I have relied on her during other job searches and have recommended her to countless friends who were in need of a recruiter. I hold Diane in high regard in general, as a person and as a professional.”

- Denise Peterson, Project Manager


“I had worked with three other recruiters for many months. I called Diane, who is a former colleague, and she got me an interview within a couple of days. We had an offer coming but the company took a turn financially and re-organized. I should have called her first. Diane gets results. I got an offer from another company I personally pursued in the interim when I had started working with her.”

- Clyde R. Troutman, MBA


“As a recruiter and my agent I found Diane to be very supportive in finding me an assignment that was a good fit. She is very easy to work with and does an excellent job of balancing both her employee’s and her client’s interest. I would work with her again without hesitation.”

- Michael Boles, Business Analyst/Project Manager


“Diane is always knowledgeable and professional in her work to find the best possible candidates to fill our open positions. Her integrity is constant and above reproach. We never hesitate to ask her for assistance with our employment needs.”

- Kim Astren, Recruiter


“I have worked with Diane several times as we have searched for quality candidates for our open IT positions. Diane has my highest respect for her dedication and determination to furnish fully-screened, high-quality candidates. I trust her judgment and feedback. My highest recommendation.”

- Donna Daugherty, HR Manager


“I worked with Diane when she was a team lead at Saturn Service Parts and later when she was a recruiting manager at Compuware. At Saturn, she was excellent at managing our team’s workload and was a very good listener. As a recruiter at Compuware, her support of me as a newly hired consultant persuaded a client to allow me extra time to come up with a solution to a complicated invoicing problem. I resolved the problem in a way that exceeded the client’s expectations and ended up working with that client for over 5 years. Diane is personable, professional, and a pleasure to work with. Whether you’re a client or a job candidate, I recommend that you start with her.”

- Ed Person, Programmer Analyst


“Diane was extremely helpful guiding me into the Compuware organization through both the recruiting and hiring process. She has continued to be encouraging over the ensuing years.”

- Ed Dodds, Programmer, Technical Analyst, Web Developer,