Alltech, Inc. provides professional Information Technology recruiting and placement for contract, contract to hire, and permanent staff positions.  Collectively, our staff has over fifty years of recruiting experience.  They have skills, knowledge, and abilities that can only be obtained after many years of being in the business.  No other company will work more diligently to find and provide the right opportunity for our candidates.  We can assist in all areas of IT from programming and development to architecture, database administration, system analysis, business analysis, project management, networking, desktop support, security, and quality assurance.

We act as Search Consultants, not just Recruiters.

We are not "resume pushers." Our goal is to develop a relationship with each candidate, and our first priority is to obtain a thorough understanding of backgrounds, career goals/objectives, and preferences. After we have this information, we have the ability to target the right opportunities that will excite our candidates.

We have an extensive network.

Our many years of experience in Tennessee and the surrounding areas provides access to extensive contacts in the IT community, which in turn, provides critical strategic advantages over our independent competitors. Because of these networks, we have cultivated strong relationships with many highly respected, well-known companies that candidates would learn about only through us.

Our staff has recruiting experience in their respective disciplines.

We can better match you to our clients' opportunities because we understand IT. We want candidates to put their trust in Alltech, Inc. so that our staff can understand their dreams, values and interests.

Resumes do not tell the whole story.

Resumes act as an introduction to candidates, and they offer limited information. Alltech's interview process provides candidates the opportunity to expound upon responsibilities and reveal achievements not included on a resume. One of the most difficult things for candidates to do is to effectively sell/promote their skills and abilities. Alltech is able to strategically market candidates because our staff takes the necessary time to get to know each individual.

Trying to decide if it is time for a change?  Here are a few things to consider:

Are you being challenged with new responsibilities?
Is your organization growing in its industry?
Is your company technology oriented and future focused?
Are your ideas heard, appreciated and sometimes even implemented?
Are you recognized and rewarded for your accomplishments?
How satisfied are you in your current position?
Should your company downsize, how would your position be affected?
Does your company encourage continued learning to enhance your position?