Alltech believes the four key success factors critical to success in the IT professional consulting arena are:

Resource Identification - Alltech uses an ongoing, proactive recruiting process to identify potential resources that match Alltech client IT environments, and changes to this availability of IT talent occur rapidly in today's dynamic, resource poor market. We constantly monitor and update our resource database to reflect any changes in resource availability. "Re-active" recruiting occurs when current availability does not meet our client's resource need, and at this point recruiting efforts are focused on the specific technology being requested.

Resource Qualification - Once a viable candidate is identified, he/she must pass through multiple stages of qualification, which include: initial screen, face to face interview, reference checks and a technical interview. A full background check and drug screen can be administered if required by the client later in the hiring process. Any exception to this qualification process will be communicated to the client at the time the candidate is presented. Failure at any stage stops the process and eliminates the candidate from further consideration.

Resource Presentation - Alltech will present only qualified candidates that meet or exceed our understanding of the client's need. If a candidate is a close match, Alltech may ask the client if they want to review the candidate as an option. Our goal is give our clients the information needed to make a well-informed decision on the viability of a candidate.

Follow-up - Alltech will follow-up on each resource presented to verify our understanding of our client's needs. If our resource does not match the need of the client, we will adjust our understanding based on the client's feedback. For consulting engagements, Alltech maintains on-going communication with the consultant as well as the client to ensure success once the engagement begins.